Partners in Education

Community members,
Thank you for considering becoming a Partner in Education with Legacy Middle School, where our mission is to ensure every student has a promising and successful future and our vision is that with the support of our families and the community, we will create enriching and diverse pathways to lead our students to success. *Please note, schools cannot engage in advertising through the Partners in Education program.

This is strictly a cause-related marketing opportunity
. Advertising is done through the advertising department at the district office. If interested in OCPS advertising, please contact: Adrienne Noel at adrienne.noel@

Legacy Middle School is eager to promote your business with Legacy's Partner in Education Banner/Sign Program, which will assist us in meeting both our mission and vision. Your business will be promoted in the following avenues:
Jets in Action: The Community Brief: 800+ weekly readers Legacy Facebook: 875+ followers Legacy Twitter: 450+ followers Legacy Instagram: 80+ followers Legacy Car-Rider Line: 600+ people daily Legacy Gymnasium Yearly Performing Arts Events: 1,400+ attendees Legacy Gymnasium Yearly Athletic Events: 600+ attendees
In conclusion, Legacy Middle School offers a unique opportunity for your business to make a meaningful impact in the community, gain positive exposure, and connect with a wide audience. We believe this partnership will be mutually beneficial and look forward to discussing how we can tailor it to suit your business goals. Join us in making a difference at Legacy Middle School today! 

Please email [email protected] for additional information.

Please use this link to become a Partner in Education with Legacy Middle School today!