Textbook Policies

Textbook Policies

  • All student textbooks are available digitally in LaunchPad --> My Backpack Apps
  • Textbooks are not typically issued to students. However, students may visit the Media Center if they would like to check out a physical textbook
  • The replacement cost of the textbook will be assessed for damaged or lost textbooks
  • A $1.00 fine will be charged for damaged/missing barcode labels
  • Students should report any textbook damage immediately
  • Students SHOULD NOT leave assigned textbooks in classrooms

According to Florida Statute, Chapter 1006.42:

"Each parent of a student is liable for any loss or destruction of, or unnecessary damage to, the instructional materials or for failure of the student to return the instructional materials, and shall pay for such loss, destruction, or unnecessary damage as provided by law." 

"The failure to collect such sum by the principal may result in the suspension of the student from participation in extracurricular activities."